Guide to Lithium Battery Features

l1Today lithium batteries have surpassed the popularity of alkaline batteries for many good reasons. Lithium batteries give you better value for your money because they last more than twice as long. Even though they are more expensive than alkaline batteries, people still buy it because it will make your appliances last longer than usual. It can multiply 5 times more than the usual battery life. Below are some of the great features of lithium batteries and why they are very popular today.

Lithium batteries can produce up to over 4V which is much more than what alkaline batteries can. This is due to the battery’s anodes which is composed of lithium metal or compounds. Lithium batteries have high energy density and are and the medical industry. Today, lithium batteries are being used in pace makers which has proven successful for the medical industry. Click here to learn more:

Small lithium batteries are very useful as well. They can power watches, calculators, remotes, small computers, and PDA’s very effectively over a long period of time. Any appliance using these lithium batteries are assured of running for a very long time without swapping or constantly charging the battery. And this is due to their high energy density and their energy to weight ratio. The small lithium battery is very common which looks like a coin. It is 20 mm in diameter and no thicker than a small coin. It is made up of lithium and manganese. These lithium batteries are not only useful for small electrical appliances, they are also great for quick drain high energy devices such as digital cameras. This is because they can maintain a higher voltage for a longer period of time. They also have shorter recharge times compared to alkaline rechargeable batteries.

Today, major manufacturers are working on improving lithium technology by extending its life to longer periods and shortening their recharging times. The reason for this is that appliances today are getting more complicated and thus, it is important that the lithium batteries also adapt to these changes. The lithium battery life can be extended further by using more complex chemical combinations and the use of new space aged metals. There are many surprises that technology gives us. And this is the reason why we have been given great convenience by what these lithium batteries can do for us now. We greatly anticipate more usefulness for these batteries in the future with newer technologies to be discovered.

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